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The Connection Between Spoken Language and Literacy Development

This graduate course is designed for classroom teachers, special education teachers, speech-language pathologists, and/or school personnel who want to learn more about the connection between spoken language and literacy. Students will study the relationship between each of the language domains (phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics) and the development of reading and writing across grade levels. This course covers the developmental progression of phonological awareness, the essential morphological and grammatical skills for teaching language and literacy, and how to expand students’ vocabulary. Students will learn practical strategies for supporting reading comprehension and written language in the K-12 classroom.

Course Number: ED 501-5411


**Textbook purchased separately and is available here


"I really enjoyed this class on the connection between spoken language and literacy development. It is super relevant as a school-based SLP where literacy is so intertwined with speech and language. The content was evidence-based, relevant, and very easy to follow along with. I really enjoyed the various platforms and types of assignments, including reading articles, listening to podcasts, and creating a lesson plan. I would recommend this course to any school-based SLP." -Emily, SLP

"This course was very useful. I found the text easy to read with helpful suggestions for how to provide literacy interventions. The articles and podcasts that supplemented the course were also timely and provided real-world input from other SLPs in the field. I would highly recommend this course and feel it would be useful for SLPs working with students of all ages."- Tracy, SLP

"I am a school-based speech-language pathologist, and these courses are extremely relevant to our profession. These courses are affordable, the website is easy to navigate, and we are given clear instructions on tasks/assignments. I enjoyed that I could complete the course at my own pace, and the class work was manageable with my workload. The instructor was very responsive and provided me with insightful feedback on my assignments. As a school-based SLP, we are responsible for working with so many different domains of speech-language while navigating behaviors, medical needs, legal aspects of special education, etc., that these courses provide in-depth and invaluable information. I am very fortunate to have come across these courses! I will be taking more of these courses over the year or two. Thank you Therapy Advance Courses!" - Deanna, SLP

"I have been taking Advanced Therapy Courses for over a year now. The courses are very relevant for a seasoned school bases therapist. Highly recommended and easily completed even with my busy work/life schedule."


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