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Addressing Dyslexia and Dysgraphia in School Based Practice: Understanding Your Role

This graduate course is designed for related service providers including occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, school psychologists, social workers, special and general education teachers or guidance counselors who want to achieve a more comprehensive understanding of Dyslexia and Dysgraphia in the K-12 population. Participants will review and analyze the most current research in the field and explore different methods for addressing these disabilities in the school setting from the perspective of their profession, including assessment, intervention and classroom accommodations. Federal laws and legal rights of dyslexic students and adults will also be discussed.  Course participants will utilize the knowledge gained in this course to communicate effectively with parents, teachers and other school personnel as to their role in addressing these deficits in the school environment.

Course Number: ED 501-5412

** Textbooks sold separately and available here and here.


"The relevancy of this course to my profession was so refreshing - a course that I can actually learn from and carry-over into my treatment, but that also helps me to advance my degree."

-Amy, OT

"While I was taking this class, I found myself already implementing strategies with my students. As well as being able to offer suggestions to parents for use at home. This class really helped me understand and use new strategies with my students."

-Ashlee, OT

"This is my second course and it did not disappoint!  Relevant, timely information that I can apply to my practice as a school based OT." 

-Jennifer, OT

“I am happy to find a resource that provided personal development credit that I can use towards salary advancement and is relevant to my work. It was great to pace myself through the course. I now have some new resources and knowledge to draw from when I am at work.”

-Samantha, OT


"These courses are affordable and enabled me to learn at my own pace and provide information and tools to incorporate what I have learned. I have taken several classes and with each one, I have learned valuable information and the tools to implement to promote the learning of the students and families I serve." 

-Karen, OT


"I am a school-based OT managing a large, busy caseload. The course provided by Therapy Advanced Courses was easy to manage alongside my workload. Assignments were relevant, and there was ample time to complete them. I will definitely be taking another course in the near future!"

-Katherine, OT

"I loved this course.  Anytime I take a class that plugs right into my practice in schools I know the class is a winner."

-Nathaniel, OT

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