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Visual Processing and Vision Disorders for the School Based OT

This graduate course is designed for school-based occupational and physical therapists who want to achieve a more comprehensive understanding of Visual Integrity, Visual Processing and Visual Efficiency in the pediatric population. Participants will learn about various visual processing skills as they pertain to child development, behavior and learning as well as explore the relationship between vision disorders and developmental/learning disabilities.  The role of the Occupational Therapist in addressing these skills in the school setting as well as methods of effective collaboration with Pediatric Optometrists, Teachers and Parents in order to enhance functional outcomes will be explored.  Specific intervention methods and accommodations/modifications for the school environment, including those for low vision,  are also included in this comprehensive course.

Course Number: ED 501-5407

**Textbook sold separately and is available here


"I was so elated to find graduate level coursework that would not only help me to further my pay grade within the school system, but also a series of courses that were tailored to the working professional and that were so applicable to my practice as a school based occupational therapist.   Thank you, Therapy Advance Courses!"

Amy, OT

"I have taken several courses through Therapy Advance Courses and as long as I get prior approval my district pays for them and they help me to bump on the pay-scale. The courses are relevant, well-designed, self paced and very helpful in practice. I highly recommend them." -Alexis, OT


"While in the process of taking this course, I was able to utilize the information I had learned immediately into my practice as a school-based OT and identify a student who was demonstrating vision difficulties. This family was so appreciate to be able to get the right support for their student. This course was full of practical information and tools to help my support my students. I liked being able to complete the course at my own pace, and ask questions or receive feedback at any time. I look forward to taking another course with Therapy Advance Courses."

Kayla, OT

"Course was well organized, and content could be directly and immediately applied to my caseload."

-Sara, OT

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