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A New Look at Behavior: Connecting, Calming, and Coaching

This graduate course is designed for occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech language pathologists, school psychologists, social workers and teachers and will guide professionals to examine the underlying causes for behaviors from developmental, social-emotional, cognitive and sensorial perspectives. This course will provide educators and related service providers with methodologies for identifying the developmentally appropriate approach and for effective intervention planning for problematic and challenging behaviors in the school setting. Educators will develop a means for fostering safe and trusting therapeutic relationships with their most challenging students as well as effective de-escalation strategies. Special considerations for working with children with Autism as well as those exposed to toxic stress and trauma will also be covered in this comprehensive course.

(Available for 3 credits)

Course Number: ED 501-5409

**Textbook sold separately and available here


"Beyond Behaviors has been the most thought provoking course I have taken so far with Therapy Advance. It validated my feelings on the current methods of addressing behaviors and provided a wealth or resources for examining underlying causes and developing an intervention plan." -Anonymous

"I took the Beyond Behavior class last summer and was impressed with everything about it. Therapy Advance Courses made it easy to learn at my own pace while earning credits toward advancement on the salary guide. The required reading offered real-life strategies that were easily infused into my daily practice as a school psychologist. The structure and content of the coursework was excellent, and the assignments thought-provoking. I received helpful feedback from the founders on every assignment. Highly recommend!"

-Jill, School Psychologist

"This is an excellent course and I highly recommend it! The foundational information regarding the latest neuroscience should be mandatory material for all professionals working with students who have behavioral challenges. I found the strategies to be incredibly helpful and practical and I was able to use the information immediately at work each day. This course also offers the opportunity for self-reflection so that we can bring our best self when helping our students. Definitely a worthwhile course!"

-A.S., SLP


"So refreshing to find a course for graduate credits that is geared towards related service providers instead of trying to make courses designed for teachers apply to my position as an OT. Course was organized, relevant and reasonably priced!"

 - Jennifer, OT

"After taking many years off from graduate coursework, Therapy Advance Courses made it easy to return to life as a student. The site and coursework are laid out in an easy format and was easy to navigate. The simplicity of the layout and the clarity of assigned work was much appreciated. I also enjoyed the variety of methods of response and assessment available for this course. I look forward to taking more courses in the future."

"My course through Therapy Advance Courses was extremely relevant to my work in the academic setting, as well as my personal life, in parenting. The coursework widened the lens I use when working with children and has helped me to be aware of how I can be better in the strategies I choose to use, for the benefit of all."

- Abby, Special Education Teacher

"This course was by far one of the best courses I have taken. Extremely thought provoking and easy to navigate at the same time. The layout of the course lessons and readings were well planned out which helped guide me. Being a classroom teacher, I am always looking for more information and strategies to enhance my students' learning. This course did exactly that for me and more! It was BEYOND what I expected."

-Mary, Teacher

"Therapy Advance offers courses for professionals that are realistic and straightforward. The content I learned in this course not only broadened my perspective about behavioral intervention as a teacher, it changed me as a person!"


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