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Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing Disorders in the School Setting

This graduate course is designed for school-based speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, school nurses, and/or school personnel who want to achieve a more comprehensive understanding of assessing and treating students with dysphagia and/or feeding challenges. Students will review basic anatomy and physiology of swallowing, typical feeding milestones, and various strategies and methods for school-based intervention. This course answers the legal and ethical dilemma, is feeding educationally relevant?

(Available for 3 credits)

Course Number: Coming ED 501-5410

**Textbook purchased separately and is available here


"I appreciate that I had the opportunity to take this course. Before completing this course, I was intimidated by feeding and swallowing therapy. I thought it involved complex, dangerous interventions that only fit in a medical setting. Learning about methods that are applicable to school settings and ways to support students in the natural school environment has changed how I think about feeding and swallowing disorders and my students. Not only have I benefited from this course, but my students and their families will benefit as well."

-Jennifer, OT

"I felt that this course was very informative and provided me with practical information. It provided an abundance of relevant information to the educational setting that I am in. I enjoyed how the course provided you with information on various topics in regard to feeding and swallowing. I also have found the appendixes and examples provided within the book to be helpful. Furthermore, I felt that the course allowed you to practice implementation of a feeding plan as well as how you would approach how to assist a student/staff if you came across a situation where a child was in need of the service in the school setting. I enjoyed the private discission that could occur with the professor."

-Stephanie, SLP

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