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Supporting Social Skills in the School Setting

Course will be updated for Summer 2024 to reflect latest edition of the text.

This graduate course is designed for school-based related service providers including speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, psychologists, social workers, guidance counselors, or teachers who are seeking a deeper understanding of effective social skills intervention in the school setting with an emphasis on supporting autistic students. Participants will learn about and develop strategies for assessment, intervention, and monitoring social skills in K-12. Participants will also explore the double empathy theory and how interventions can be provided in a more neurodiversity-affirming manner.

Course Number: ED 501-5401


**Textbook purchased separately and is available here


"I just took my first course, "Social Skills for Students on the Autism Spectrum."  I have many students on the Autism spectrum and have already started using some of the interventions from the course. My PT sessions have been much smoother and I find that I have changed how I interact with them. Thank you!"

-Lauren, PT

"Thank you for these fantastic courses that continue to help me become a better therapist to my students, their families, and the staff I work with! Despite many years in the field these courses are helping me to expand my knowledge base, see things from different perspectives, and grow as a therapist."

-Erika, SLP

"Once again, I was not disappointed by a Therapy Advance Course. The 2 courses that I have taken provided tools that I can use immediately with my students that I work with in the schools. The textbooks are easy to follow and are excellent resources for my practice. I will continue to take courses as well as recommend courses to my fellow therapist and educators that I work with." 

-Erin, OT

"Really great course! I enjoyed getting to enhance my skills in social communication. I look forward to using what I've learned with my students."

-Samantha, SLP

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