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Language Difference or Disorder: Dual Language Development and Disorders

This graduate course is designed for school-based speech-language pathologists, teachers, and other school personnel such as related service providers, school psychologists, and social workers who work directly with bilingual students or second language learners. This course reviews language development in both simultaneous and second language learners as compared to monolingual speakers. Participants will learn about “the gold standard” to assess a multilingual student in order to determine if there is a language difference or disorder. This course also covers the difference between common reading difficulties and reading disorders in bilingual students. It is designed for educators of all grade levels and is an important and timely topic for all considering our diversifying population and caseloads.

(Available for 3 credits)

Course Number: ED 501-5413

** Textbooks sold separately and available here.

"I feel like the courses that I took were very relevant to my profession and also very affordable. It was very easy to navigate the website and the instructions for each assignment were very clearly laid out . I especially liked that I could finish the work as quickly as I wanted to. With a little bit of consistent work every day I was able to finish the courses that I took within a month's time. These courses not only helped me to improve in knowledge of my profession but also have helped me to qualify for a salary bump."- Jonathan, SLP

"This course has helped me understand how to be a better therapist for my bilingual students by giving me specific diagnostic and therapy tools. The information from this course is completely applicable to being an SLP in the schools, much more so than other continuing education classes I have taken." -Kirsty, SLP

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