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Neurodiversity: Creating Positive Constructs for Every Student

This course is available for 3 credits or 1 credit.


This graduate course is designed for all school personnel including teachers, related service providers, guidance counselors and case managers who work with neurodiverse populations. This course will provide an introduction to neurodiversity and how to incorporate a strength based approach into educational environments and related service delivery.  Students will learn strategies for incorporating this philosophy and applying it to a variety of populations and diagnoses such as ADHD, Autism, Intellectual Disabilities, Learning Disabilities and Emotional/Behavioral disorders. An emphasis on aligning students’ diverse  needs to Common Core Standards within traditional education models will be explored.  Students will examine how modern businesses and organizations are incorporating this philosophy into their everyday practices and explore the significance of this as it relates to older student populations.

(Available for 1 or 3 credits)

Course Number: ED 501-5415 (3 credit) or ED 501-5501 (1 credit)

**Textbook purchased separately and are available here



"After taking the Neurodiversity in the classroom course, I walked away with a lot of great information and a more neurodiversity affirming approach to therapy. I hope to share this information with colleagues in order to help transform how we can help our neurodiverse students as early as the preschool age." 

-Aimee, SLP

"The Neurodiversity Course was great! As an SLP, I am always looking for ways to stay up to date on evidence based practices. This course helped me re-think how to help the learners on my caseload!"


"This course was absolutely incredible. I am sharing the textbook with my colleagues and recommending everyone take the course. I think everyone working in special education should be required to complete this course!"

"This is my 3rd course with TAC and although I signed up in October and had 3 months to complete the course, life got busy. Before I knew it the semester was almost over. Luckily, the course work was manageable and I was able to complete it all with only two weeks left. I enjoyed the self-paced nature of the course which allowed me to complete the work when it worked for me. I look forward to my next course with TAC!"

-Lauren SLP

"The Therapy Advance Courses have all been beneficial and useful to my current practice as an SLP. The instructors have been responsive and helpful when needed. I feel that I have gained current and useful information." -Tracy, SLP

"I am happy I took this course on neurodiversity in the classroom. It made me more aware of best practices for intervention, but also for inclusivity and representation in the regular education classroom setting."

"This course is so relevant. The text book provides multiple examples of strength based learning along with neuro-divergent strength based checklists. I will definitely be using this as a guide and resource this school year!"

"This is my fourth course with Advanced Therapy Courses and every time I finish one I can't wait to start the next. These courses are relevant to my profession and I feel that I am utilizing what I am learning right away. The topics are very current and I feel this a great way to keep up with learning and skills necessary for my field since graduate school. I plan to continue taking more courses and would highly recommend."

-Jayna SLP

Upon completion of Therapy Advance's Neurodiversity course, I feel well-informed with current research on how to best support neurodiverse students.  Practical strategies are introduced and lengthy discussion of the importance of shifting our practice as school-based OT's from a medical to social model are explained. The course was relevant and I am thrilled I found therapy advance courses to help me grow as a practitioner and at the same time afford me credits that will move me on the salary guide.

-Laurie, OT


"LOVED this course!!!! Using what I have learned to teach others in my district about strengths based approaches."

- Samantha, OT


"This was a wonderful class and gave me the skills and insight I need to make changes to my thinking and service delivery for my neurodiverse students."

-Laura, SLP

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