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Gestalt Language Processing

This graduate course is designed for school-based speech-language pathologists who are seeking a deeper understanding of gestalt language development and Natural Language Acquisition. This course explores assessment and principles for supporting gestalt language development and is based on the research and work from Marge Blanc, Barry Prizant, Ann Peters, and many others. This course includes additional information on gestalt language processing as it relates to both AAC and motor planning disorders. Participants will learn how to incorporate the principles of GLP/NLA into practice with preK-12 students.

(Available for 3 credits)

Course Number: ED 501-5417

**Textbook purchased separately and is available here


"This course was great to learn more about Gestalt Language Processing and Natural Language Acquisition. The assignments were helpful to learn course content and practice applying the principles of assessing and supporting gestalt language processors. I liked that the assignments helped me to create materials I can use in the real-life school setting as well. I also liked that it examined the evidence base that exists for GLP and NLA." -Brie, SLP

"This course was wonderful in helping me how to better understand my GLP students.  The course provides lots of resources and the assignments were very beneficial in learning about the topic.  I feel I will be a better SLP now that I have better knowledge of EBP for NLA." - Nicole, SLP

"LOVED this course!! It is a must take for all SLPs in the field to understand this type of language development.  Thank you very much- feel so much more confident now." -Jayna, SLP


"This was an excellent course. While the workload was reasonable and not overwhelming as a full-time professional, it was also full of valuable content and challenging enough that it truly made me think and engage. I gained knowledge and skills I know I will use!" -Sarah, GLP

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