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Is it auditory processing, phonemic processing, or language processing? This graduate course is designed for school-based speech-language pathologists who want to achieve a more comprehensive understanding of assessment and intervention of processing disorders in the school setting. This course analyzes the similarities and differences of Auditory Processing and Language Processing and provides a framework for differential diagnosis. Participants will understand how auditory and language processing differ neurologically and be able to provide assessment to develop appropriate treatment goals for their students. Students will learn practical classroom modifications, compensatory strategies, and therapy ideas for intervention.

(Available for 3 credits)

Course Number: ED 501-5405

**Textbook purchased separately and is available here


Auditory and Language Processing Disorders

"I was so impressed with the course that I took through Therapy Advance. I have taken other graduate-level continuing education courses and have often left feeling like I did not learn anything that I could apply to my interventions. After taking this course, I feel like I have so many different tools and resources that I can refer to in the new school year. I appreciated the different types of assignments and the feedback from the professors!"

-Madison, SLP

"Loved the course - it was practical information that I could apply right away to my practice, as well as share with my colleagues." 

-Angela, SLP

"This was a great class to delve deeper into APD and LPD. I learned a ton that will be valuable to my work in a public school setting. Would highly recommend!"

-Emily, SLP

"This course has been very helpful in filling in the knowledge gaps for me in order to see a more comprehensive picture of processing disorders from theory and assessment through to goal setting and intervention.  I appreciate the assignments as they really helped synthesize the information for practical application."

-Lexie, SLP 

"When I discovered Therapy Advance Courses it was like striking gold! I have been looking for everything Therapy Advance offers for quite some time. Self-paced, graduate level credit for salary advancement, interesting, practical, and useful topics, reasonably priced. After each course I feel even more empowered and confident in my meetings, therapy room and conversations. I have shared with all of the SLP's in my district , many of them have begin taking courses as well!"

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