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Need more time?

We understand  that our jobs and family lives are busy and things come up. If you require more time to complete your course, we have three different options for you:


Two Week Extension

We know that life gets busy, so we offer a complimentary two week extension. 

These are the final deadlines for each semester, taking this extension into account:

May 15th --> May 30th

September 15th --> September 30th

December 31st --> January 15th

In order to take advantage of this extra time, there is nothing you need to do.


Good luck finishing your course!


60 Day Extension

Sometimes, two weeks just doesn't cut it. We understand. 

You can register for a 60 day extension for $60 by clicking on the button below.


You will have 60 days beyond the final deadline to complete your work. 

Spring (July 30th)

Summer (November 30th)

Fall (March 15th)


Re-Register for the
Next Semester

If you need even more time, the final option is to re-register for your course for the next semester.  The cost is $150.

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