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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive graduate credits? Are you affiliated with an accredited institution?

Yes! Therapy Advance Courses is affiliated with Colorado State University Pueblo. Upon registering for our course, you will receive information about how to enroll with the university to ensure you receive the credits. There is no additional cost for the credits.

How much does each course cost?

Our rates as of April 15, 2023: $429 for 3 credit courses, $239 for 1 credit courses

When can I enroll for a course?

You can register for a course at any time during the semester (see semester dates below). If you choose to register after the semester has started, your coursework will be expected by the end of the semester. If you register in advance for the next semester, you will have access to the course materials as soon as you register. Please note that the Semester must be determined at the time of registration.

CSU-Pueblo Semesters

Spring: January 2nd- May 15th  

Summer: May 16th –September 15th

Fall: September 16th – December 31st

Early Registration Dates:

Spring Semester: December 1st

Summer Semester: April 15th

Fall Semester: August 15th

How will the course appear on my transcript?

The course will be listed as EDU 501 with the unique course number and title and will show "(Graduate Topics in Education)" beneath the course title. It will display 3 credit hours, your grade, and points. It will NOT say "Professional Development for Teachers."  

Is there an additional cost to receive credits?

No! The cost to register for one of our courses includes graduate credit.

How will I receive course information and documents?

You can create an account with our online Learning Management System by clicking on "Register" and once you register for the course, you will have access to all the necessary documents. You will log into the system to access and submit all documents.

How can I access my transcript from CSU-Pueblo?

Upon completion of your coursework, you should receive a confirmation e-mail from CSU Pueblo that your course has been completed and directions for obtaining transcripts.  If you do not receive this e-mail you may contact Jonni Valdez-Silva, Division of Extended Studies at CSU-Pueblo (

Can I receive continuing education credits through ASHA, AOTA or APTA for the courses I take through Therapy Advance?

At this time, we do not report CEUs directly to AOTA, APTA or ASHA. See below for more information based on your organization.



1 semester hour = 15 Certification Maintenance Hours (CMHs); each course is the equivalent of 4.5 CEUs

Each 3 credit course is the equivalent of 4.5 CEUs, but they are called CMHs because we do not submit the credits for you. You can self-report your CMHs when submitting your transcript. In the event that you are audited you will be asked to submit your transcript from CSU-Pueblo as proof of completion. See more information here:

Occupational Therapists

For NBCOT Re Certification: 1 Credit Hour/Semester= 10 units.  NBCOT requires that you send in an official, sealed transcript from the university along with your CEU application (do not send separately).

For CEU's required for your state license renewal, please check with your State Licensing Board.  Many will accept college credits for CEU's. More information here: 


Physical Therapists 

Please inquire with your State Licensing Board for CEU approval.

Can I apply these courses towards a Master of Education degree?

Yes! The Master of Education through CSU-Pueblo consists of 18 elective credits, 9 pedagogy credits, and 11 core credits through CSU-Pueblo. Our courses may be used towards this requirement and the advice is to complete 18 credits prior to applying and getting accepted into the program. After 18 credits, your transcripts will be analyzed to determine what remaining courses you may need to take. See here for more information. 

What if I cannot complete my coursework by the end of the semester?

Therapy Advance Courses understands that our jobs and family lives are busy and things come up. If you require more time to complete your course, we offer a 2 week complimentary extension to turn in all of your coursework. Shall you need more time, we can offer a 60 day extension with a surcharge of $60. If coursework is not completed at the end of the 60 day period, you will need to re-register for the following semester for $150 to complete your course and receive credit.

Please click here to register for an extension

I have completed my coursework, why is it showing as Incomplete on Digital Chalk?

It will show as "Incomplete" until all your coursework is graded. We aim to provide valuable feedback on your work, so please allow 7-10 days for grading. If you submitted your work and it has not been graded after 10 days, please feel free to send us an email.

Can I register with a PO?

We do accept payment in the form of a PO from your school district. Please provide us with the appropriate person to contact and the course you wish to register for. We will then send your district an invoice and a code for you to register.

*Please note- if payment is not received by the due date on the invoice, a late fee of $50 will be incurred.

Can I obtain my transcript early?

All final grades will be submitted to Colorado State University Pueblo by Therapy Advance Courses by May 30th (Spring), September 30th (Summer), and January 15th (Fall). If a student uses the complimentary two week extension to complete their course, they can expect their grade to be posted approximately two weeks after the semester deadline (i.e., June 15th, October 15th, January 30th). 

If a student requires their grade/transcript to be processed by a certain deadline in order to submit to their district for salary advancement, they must notify the course instructor both when they register for the course and when they submit their last assignment. The student must provide at least three weeks notice to allow for grading and processing of their transcript.  If a student requires expediting of their grade and transcripts that is less than three weeks, it will be subject to a $40 fee.

How much time does each course take to complete?

Our courses are completely self-paced, so you will complete the readings and assignments on your own schedule. We have some people complete their course in a few weeks and others who use the duration of the semester to complete their work. The amount of time it takes will depend on your individual pace.

How are these courses structured?

All of our courses are entirely self-study. They are comprised of a combination of textbook/article readings, pre-recorded videos, quizzes, case studies, and writing assignments.  There is a messaging feature on our learning platform for you to ask questions and interact with your course instructor, but you complete the work on your own and at your own pace.

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