What are people saying about Therapy Advance Courses?

"I feel like the courses that I took were very relevant to my profession and also very affordable. It was very easy to navigate the website and the instructions for each assignment were very clearly laid out . I especially liked that I could finish the work as quickly as I wanted to. With a little bit of consistent work every day I was able to finish the courses that I took within a month's time. These courses not only helped me to improve in knowledge of my profession but also have helped me to qualify for a salary bump."- Jonathan, SLP, Language Difference or Disorder: Dual Language Development and A New Look at Behavior: Connecting, Calming, and Coaching

"I am a school-based OT managing a large, busy caseload. The course provided by Therapy Advanced Courses was easy to manage alongside my workload. Assignments were relevant, and there was ample time to complete them. I will definitely be taking another course in the near future!"​ 

Katharine, OT

"I have just finished my 10th course and am very happy that I chose Therapy Advance Courses to complete my post-graduate work.  I am a school-based PT, and I have found the content in the courses is excellent and will enhance my practice as a PT.  I learned so much information that is pertinent to the way I work with my students."

Lauren, PT

"I found out about Therapy Advance Courses from Instagram and I am forever grateful! I am working towards a pay increase within the school setting but more important really want to enhance my skills as an occupational therapist in the schools. Prior courses I was taking were heavily focused on teaching and appeared to be more intended for continuing education for teachers. I did well in the courses but felt I wasn't getting much out of them. After taking the 'Executive Functioning' course from Therapy Advance Courses I feel like I have obtained more knowledge, skills and tools that I can use tomorrow and truly feel like it was targeting occupational therapists specifically. Great course!!"- Katie, OT, Executive Funtioning Assessment and Intervention

"Therapy Advance Courses offers a variety of class selections. Instructors are responsive to answer questions. I took the All Eyes on IEP and learned so much about Special Education Law and best practices for writing IEPs! I highly recommend it! Thank you!"

Heather, SLP, All Eyes on the IEP: Documentation and Goal Setting for Related Service Providers

"This was my first course with Therapy Advance Courses. I loved how the course was self-paced, the textbook provided was very helpful and informative and will be in my personal library within my classroom for reference from now on! The assignments were engaging and really got me to use critical thinking and how I could use the information learned from the course with my students going forward."

-Heidi, SLP, All Eyes on the IEP: Documentation and Goal Setting for Related Service Providers

"This course was wonderful! It definitely helped to brush up on my skills and gave nice examples of how SI can be integrated into the school setting, the differences from clinic and school based, and current research on the topic. Thank you for having these courses! Much Appreciated!"

-Melissa, OT, Sensory Integration: Basics and Beyond

"As a special education teacher and case manager, this course offered me the specific training and information I needed to better support my students, their families, and the speech therapist who is managing the AAC for my students. I appreciate the affordability  and the self-paced set up of the course. It is perfect for professionals who are working full time but need more training and information on topics specific to their jobs and practice. I also appreciate all of the resources in this course as I have some ideas that I can take back to my classroom and implement soon."

-Donna, Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing/Cross-Categorical Special Education Teacher, Implementing AAC in the School Setting

"Therapy Advance Course's "Implementing Augmentative and Alternative Communication in the School Setting" was a great, self-paced course. This course provided multiple different sources to gain information: books, research articles, videos, podcasts and more. The course was insightful and allowed me to reflect on my skills as a clinician. The instructor was pleasant, supportive and open to any questions. I not only learned a lot but had the opportunity to test out my new knowledge with my clients throughout the course!"

-Lauren, SLP, Implementing AAC in the School Setting

"I am a special education teacher who has been eager to continue my education to help strengthen my skills as an educator and help move across the salary guide. I have taken two courses through Therapy Advance Courses and both were manageable, informative, and interesting. I look forward to taking more courses in the future!"

-Kiernan, Special Education Teacher

"The speech courses I have taken were relevant to my everyday practice in schools. The courses are challenging, yet doable with a full time job. I learned so much more in the areas of AAC and Feeding than I did in graduate school."

-Molly, SLP

 "This course was incredibly helpful for learning about cleft palate and craniofacial speech disorders.  I feel very prepared for working with students in the future who have this diagnosis."- Pam, SLP, Treating Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Speech Disorders in the School Setting

"This class provided effective strategies that I could use immediately. The book provided so many resources that I will continue to use in my practice. I highly recommend this course to any professional who works on executive functioning skills with students." 

-Erin, MS OTR, Executive Functioning Assessment and Intervention

"I just took my first course, "Social Skills for Students on the Autism Spectrum."  I have many students on the Autism spectrum and have already started using some of the interventions from the course. My PT sessions have been much smoother and I find that I have changed how I interact with them. Thank you!"

-Lauren, PT, Social Skills for Students on the Autism Spectrum

"This course was amazing. All of the assignments helped me realize how I need to incorporate this into my IEP's. Making some changes will make a big difference in how I take data and write goals. Thank you for all your feedback throughout the course. It helped me feel more connected to the course." 

-Anonymous, All Eyes on the IEP: Documentation and Goal Setting for Related Service Providers


"My first course was Implementing AAC in the School Setting. I absolutely loved this course. Despite being in the profession for many years, I always feel it is important to continue to build and expand my knowledge base. This course was excellent and I benefited tremendously with increased knowledge and perspective regarding AAC. I loved the self paced setting of the course as it easily allowed me to balance my work, home, family life while taking this course. I was able to complete this course efficiently and keep a healthy balance with the other aspects in my life. It was completely manageable and if I needed to stop and continue at a later time, there was no difficulty in doing that could easily divide my time between assignments (start a case study but also complete quizzes at the same time) and complete each aspect at my own pace. I loved the presentation utilizing a textbook, articles and videos to enhance learning. I got valuable feedback and comments on my case study and felt I received personal attention in this class despite it being self study/online. I look forward to pursuing more courses through Therapy Advance!"

- Erika, SLP, Implementing AAC in the School Setting

"I took the Beyond Behavior class last summer and was impressed with everything about it. Therapy Advance Courses made it easy to learn at my own pace while earning credits toward advancement on the salary guide. The required reading offered real-life strategies that were easily infused into my daily practice as a school psychologist. The structure and content of the coursework was excellent, and the assignments thought-provoking. I received helpful feedback from the founders on every assignment. Highly recommend!"

-Jill, School Psychologist, A New Look at Behavior: Connecting, Calming, Coaching

“The course was easy to navigate and complete, they went above and beyond to help modify when my schedule got flipped upside down during remote learning and having to balance my time working from home while teaching my own students for remote learning, and managing hectic home life. I gained lots of valuable information and the tools to put it into practice with much of the leg work already completed to get me started with reproducible forms, checklists, intervention plans and more."

-Sara, OT, Executive Functioning Assessment and Intervention

“I so much appreciate Therapy Advance Courses and the work they have done collaborating with CSU-Pueblo! I just finished the Executive Function course and it was terrific! It taught me the components of learning and management in a fun way. Thank so much!!”

Laura, PT, Executive Functioning Assessment and Intervention

"Thank you for these fantastic courses that continue to help me become a better therapist to my students, their families, and the staff I work with!  Despite many years in the field these courses are helping me to expand my knowledge base, see things from different perspectives, and grow as a therapist."

-Erika, SLP, Social Skills for Students on the Autism Spectrum

Loved the course - it was practical information that I could apply right away to my practice, as well as share with my colleagues.  

-Angela, SLP, Auditory and Language Processing Disorders

"This was my 4th course with Therapy Advance.  I love the flexibility in completing the courses.  It is self paced with plenty of time to complete all of the requirements.  Despite many years experience in the field, these courses continue to enhance my knowledge and further develop my skills as a therapist.  I enjoy the courses and find the reading and assignments interesting and engaging!!"

- Erika, SLP, Childhood Apraxia of Speech

"I was so elated to find graduate level coursework that would not only help me to further my pay grade within the school system, but also a series of courses that were tailored to the working professional and that were so applicable to my practice as a school based occupational therapist.   Thank you, Therapy Advance Courses!"

Amy, OT, Visual Processing and Vision Disorders


"While in the process of taking this course, I was able to utilize the information I had learned immediately into my practice as a school-based OT and identify a student who was demonstrating vision difficulties. This family was so appreciate to be able to get the right support for their student. This course was full of practical information and tools to help my support my students. I liked being able to complete the course at my own pace, and ask questions or receive feedback at any time. I look forward to taking another course with Therapy Advance Courses."

Kayla, OT, Visual Processing and Vision Disorders

"These courses are easy to navigate, filled with great information, affordable, and are designed to be manageable for full-time working school-based professionals. Great courses, great platform, great instructors!  Highly recommend."

Kate, OT, Implementing AAC in the School Setting