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Attention school-based SLPs, OTs, PTs, and Special Education Teachers: Have you ever or do you currently work another job in addition to your school job?

We polled our Instagram followers with this question and the results, while not entirely shocking, are worth discussing. 75% of people said YES.

So chances are pretty good that like us, you have spent long days at school and then afternoons, evenings, and/or weekends working in another setting or a different job altogether in order to bring home more money.

It's one thing if you're working extra shifts or taking on additional clients because you love your job or enjoy dabbling in other settings (we've been there). It's an entirely different thing if you're stretching yourself too thin because you don't feel like your school salary is enough (we've been there, too). We work so hard in school, isn't there a way to get compensated more JUST by working our full-time job? YES-- keep reading!

Imagine getting paid more money to do just your school job?

It doesn't have to take years and it doesn't have to cost you thousands of dollars. Therapy Advance Courses can help you with our affordable, relevant, and self-paced courses that are 100% online so you can complete them wherever and whenever you want. Many school districts allow employees to take graduate coursework to move laterally on their salary guide and in turn, make more money. Consult with your individual contract/district to learn more about your specific situation.

If you have the ability to move laterally on your salary guide by taking graduate courses, you would benefit from doing this as soon as possible. Take a look at your own salary guide, do some math, and you will see that by investing in courses you will bring home the money to cover said courses and then some.

We want you to move up on your salary guide and finally bring home that salary you deserve without burning yourself out.

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